Dienstag, 20. Januar 2009

Beck vs. Jamiroquai vs. Metro Station

SuperSonicSexShake (Beck vs. Jamiroquai vs. Metro Station)

Long Time ago I found the Vocals of Beck 'Sex Laws' & Jamiroquai 'Supersonic', but I couldn't find an Instrumental that really fits well to these 2 Tracks. Today, so I believe, I got it and I hope it fits well to Your ears, too. Thanks a lot to Metro Station... Have Fun and if You like it, use it ...

With the greatest pleasure I dedicate this Track to my best Friend ever, M.O.H. (21.08.1975 - 18.01.2000).

Acca1: Beck 'Sex Laws'
Acca2: Jamiroquai 'Supersonic'
Instru: Metro Station 'Shake It'

Grab it Here (via Sendspace)
Grab it Here (via ZShare)

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